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Woodworker, Craftsman, Portrait

08 Apr Fading Skills | Atlanta |Portrait Photographer

Every year I tell myself that I’m going to do a personal project. Every time I come up with a few ideas and that’s about as far as I get. This year I finally pulled the trigger on an idea that I came up with in early January. Fading Skills

In early January I came up with a portrait series that would document some of the skills that were once a standard job but have since started to fade away in a world of technology. These photos would not be staged aside from my lighting and would show these craftsmen completing jobs in industries that many people have already forgotten.
I’ve always had a connection with woodworking or carpentry however you want to preserve it. I have always worked in my fathers cabinet shop in one way or another so that was the first skill I focused on. I reached out to Stephen Evans about coming to his furniture shop for a day. He graciously opened his shop and let me do what ever I needed. Woodworker, Craftsman, Portrait
Everyone in the shop are emenslly talented and accommodating to me setting up lights around them and I’m sure getting a little to close at times. With these photos setting the bench mark for the rest of the series my passion for this series has only been fueled even more. Im sure this project will evolve with every shoot and hopefully find its way into a gallery. Please check out Stephens website. And leave some of your thoughts below in the comment section. Fading Skills