Author: Chris Golden

Marietta Headshot Photography

25 Apr John-Paul | Marietta Headshot Photographer

With Atlanta slowly becoming mini Hollywood, headshots are becoming a major part of my business. John-Paul reached out to me for some updated headshots as he prepares to pursue acting more aggressively. On the morning of the shoot we talked a little of his past expenses in the film industry and how he found me through my brother-in-law. Working with John-Paul was a blast and he took directions very well. I look forward to working with John-Paul again and I know I'll see him on one of the many shows or movies being filmed in Atlanta in the near future. 
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The Ivory Company

20 Mar The Ivory Company | Atlanta Product Photographer

A while back a friend of mine reached out to me about doing some product photos for the company she was working for. The Ivory Company is a home decor company based out of Smyrna, Ga with a classic, elegant line of products in different shades of white. After meeting with the owner and going through some of their catalogs we decided to try and get photos for their winter catalog. The morning I showed up I was greeted with a couple of boxes of items and a list of shots that were a must have for the graphic designer. It was nice getting to work closely with my friend and make sure that everything was coming out to their standards. After a few hours we finally reached the last item and was surprised that we were being taken out to lunch, I'm not one to turn down free food.  Check out some of their products after the jump. 
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